Institute of Human Excellence

Youth Leadership

IHE partners with Activate Australia to deliver an intensive leadership and coaching development programme that brings together an organisation’s senior decision-makers and emerging talent (“corporate stream”) with talented young people from disadvantaged communities (“community stream”). The added presence of the “straight talking” community stream eliminates the use of lingo, buzzwords and pseudo communication, creating a genuine, intuitive and original learning experience which is life-changing for many.

Women Leadership

IHE partners with Advancing Women to provide a range of development programmes to help organisations become an employer of choice for women, to create an inclusive, values-driven workplace culture, to increase the representation of women in senior positions and to support women leaders achieve their potential.

Social Leadership

IHE partners with African Pacific to transform poverty into freedom through an innovative organic economy model which revolutionise traditional trade development and social infrastructure support. Through co-creative dialogue and collaborative partnership, developing communities are empowered to compete fairly in a transparent supply chain and to build social and economic prosperity on their own terms.

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