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Coaching Across Cultures
Philippe Rosinski

Coaching Across Cultures"Philippe Rosinski brings a depth of cultural understanding and awareness to the field of coaching. His work is wonderful and much needed!"
- Talane Miedaner, Author of Coach Yourself to Success

"Coaching Across Cultures is an outstanding book that explains how to develop the new breed of leadership necessary to achieve sustainable high performance in today's global and multicultural environment. This visionary piece of work is both profound and practical. It will show you how to leverage human potential and its rich cultural diversity, to the benefit of employees, customers, shareholders and society at large."
- Dean O'Hare, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chubb Corporation

Whether working across countries or bridging corporate and professional boundaries, the demands of global business require new ways of managing and motivating people. Now for the first time, there is a one-of-a-kind book that introduces a new and more creative form of coaching to meet the demands of today's diverse and international workplace: Coaching Across Cultures.

Building on his firsthand coaching experience with executives and teams from some of the world's most respected companies - including IBM, Unilever, Chubb Insurance, and Baxter Healthcare - Philippe Rosinski breaks new ground with the first book to bridge the gap between coaching and cultures.

Although the concept of culture often suggests values and behaviors of nations, Coaching Across Cultures expands our worldview to consider differences of every kind including corporate cultures and professional groups - from engineers and nurses to business managers. Indeed, coaching, which originated in the United States, has assumed an American worldview, a perspective that is too narrow. Culture must now become part of the equation.

In this pioneering work, the author introduces important cultural dimensions via his Cultural Orientations Framework that apply in the workplace worldwide: dealing with time, ways of communicating, exploring identity, negotiating territory and boundaries, power differences, and organizing as a group.

Rosinski has woven culture and coaching into a valuable resource to help coaches integrate the cultural dimension into coaching and to help interculturalists apply coaching methods to their training and consulting. He presents a dynamic three-step process, the Global Coaching Process: conducting an in-depth assessment, articulating target objectives, and then progressing toward them with the help of his Global Scorecard.

The author offers both practical and effective coaching methods as well as thoughtful new approaches to help you push beyond the confines of your own cultural norms, values, and beliefs when working with colleagues or coaching your clients.

With plenty of illustrations, workplace examples, activities, and tools, Coaching Across Cultures demonstrates how coaches and interculturalists can discover creative solutions to problems and leverage cultural differences, and how they can turn these powerful ideas into action to facilitate high performance and high fulfillment with individuals and teams.

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