Institute of Human Excellence
Achieving Organisation Performance
IHE serves organisations to unleash peak performance
through people. Here are three of the important building
blocks that we offer on the “journey to greatness”:

Culture Transformation:
In the ever changing world of today, businesses and other organisations have to at minimum keep pace (reactive) or preferably lead the way (proactive), if they are to sustain their own viability. Achieving this does not mean a few minor changes but a fundamental transformation, given where most organisations are currently. Transformation means not only what we think, but how we think, and how we act. The culture values of any business have a significant impact on its financial results and its staff retention, and the alignment between the values of the staff with those of the business is vital, but such alignment can not simply be imposed. IHE is the leading exponent in Australia of a highly effective values assessment system that can greatly shortcut this alignment process. By culture audit, fierce dialogue and change programmes, organisations can be transformed to activate and sustain high performance.

Leadership Development:
Traditional leadership, which has served us well for generations, is no longer appropriate today when staff expectations for greater involvement, responsibility and choice are vital. Furthermore, the complexities brought about by globalisation, technological advances, environmental protection and instant communication make leadership a great challenge. The development of a new and broader cadre of emerging leaders is called for and existing leaders need to cultivate qualities such as vision, agility, humility and authenticity. New skills like emotional intelligence and a coaching management style are to be acquired. Embarking on a journey of personal development is probably the single most beneficial thing any leader can do. IHE provides tailored leadership development programmes for existing leaders and those aspiring to become the new leaders.

Executive Coaching:
IHE has a team of highly experienced business coaches available for short or long term assignment to deal with issues beyond the competence or confidentiality of most internal coaches. The further reaches of personal development, meaning and purpose, multi-cultural issues, staff retention and stress, are best handled by external coaches with specialist skills. Coaching contracts typically run for a minimum of 3 months with sessions held weekly or fortnightly, and may be conducted face to face or by telephone. IHE also runs bespoke training programmes and on-going supervision for coaches who wish to develop more advanced transpersonal or specialist coaching skills. Continuing executive development and coaching support must be considered if corporate leaders are to have the best chance or succeeding in a world in which the economic challenges are increasing, new challenges are emerging and one in which doing good is becoming as important as doing well.

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