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Building Cultural Capital

In an age of increasing global and local competition, the ability of an organisation to build a corporate culture that attracts and retains talented people is rapidly emerging as the most important criterion for financial success. Companies around the world are increasingly focusing on building their Cultural Capital. They are attempting to create vision-guided, values-driven organisations that focus on employee fulfilment, customer care and leadership development. Not only are these companies attracting and retaining the best people, they are also outstripping their competitors in building shareholder value. Our research shows that the most successful, high performance organisations show a strong alignment between personal and current culture values, and current culture and desired culture values.

Organisations worldwide are using values assessments to:

  • Support leaders in building values-driven organisations
  • Design, implement and monitor cultural change programs
  • Determine the organisation’s current and desired cultural values
  • Develop strategies and plans to attract and retain the best employees
  • Identify cultural strengths and gaps
  • Increase employee satisfaction, engagement and performance
  • Design leadership development programs
  • Coach leaders and provide 360° feedback
Business Needs Scorecards

Key attributes of a values-based analysis:

A comprehensive values analysis enables a full cultural diagnostic and values assessments to be undertaken.

This involves:

  • A customised survey prepared for every organisation
  • Form completion taking 15 minutes on the internet or paper
  • 2-4 week timescale from initiation to results
  • Multi-language options worldwide
Values Assessment

This values-based analysis tool has been developed to help executives, human resource professionals, and change agents to develop and manage their organisation’s culture. It has been used by over 500 organisations in 25 countries since 1997.

IHE conducts CTT surveys, analysis and facilitation, and can support you in undertaking values assessments across all or part of your organisation. IHE also provides accreditation training to train and certify CTT consultants.

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