Institute of Human Excellence
"I want to write and thank you for what has been a very successful partnership for TAL and for me personally. We started working together in September 2011 on a cultural program for TAL, that had, at its centre, a focus for TAL on its core societal purpose. This has flowed through the organisation really well as we have engaged our people. We had seen higher staff engagement, fewer negatives observed by staff, higher business and cultural momentum, and a sense among staff that our core purpose is very valuable and important to Australia. The partnership has been very successful and the coaching dialogue has been valuable to me personally and to the team. We have all developed and evolved as a result. Thank you, once again, Niran. I wish you every success for the future.”

Jim Minto, Ex Group CEO and MD, TAL

"Niran worked with TAL's senior executive team during a time of considerable change for TAL and for the executive team. It was an important time for TAL in our development as a business and most importantly our development as a team leading the business. Niran took us out of our comfort zones and challenged us as a group to be the best leadership team we could be for all the people at TAL and ourselves. To this day the executive team at TAL is more effective for the time we spent with Niran. We also continue to use today the models and techniques Niran shared with us, and these have become important barometers for the TAL culture. I also worked with Niran as a personal coach for a period time following the work she was doing with the Executive team. From a coaching perspective it was an easy relationship for me personally given the trust and respect I had developed with Niran as part of the work she was doing with the Executive team. As a coach, Niran was empathetic, caring but also challenging. Niran had a significant and personal impact as part of my own leadership development in my appointment as Group CEO of TAL. I would have no hesitation in recommending Niran to work with broader executive or leadership teams or as a personal coach.”

Brett Clark, Group CEO & MD, TAL

"IHE’s organic approach to building organizational values worked very well for us. People engaged in the process and thereby had ownership. And with their expert assistance we were able to better penetrate and align personal and organizational values.”

Mark Fitzgibbon, CEO, nib

"At Westpac, we recently started on a journey to become a high-performing ‘One Team.’ Richard and Niran played an important role in helping us focus on who we are, what we stand for and how we work together to bring out the best in each other.”

Gail Kelly, CEO, Westpac

"Niran took Jesuit Social Services people to a new level of self-awareness and learning. All were challenged to reflect on habits (positive and negative) and to be accountable. Niran was able to tailor her input to the Mission and goals of our organisation. As a result, people in the organisation have embraced the leadership principles explored. During our time with Niran she modelled the type of leadership we want in our organisation and in the process inspired many to be more self aware.”

Julie Edwards, CEO, Jesuit Social Services

"Of all the corporate strategists I have met in my 20 year career, Niran Jiang shines above them.  A free thinker with a worldview. Niran has the skills to see what's trend worthy and not be blinded by the glitter of passing fads.”

Gerald Celente, Director/Author, The Trends Research Institute

"The work of the Institute of Human Excellence challenges organisations to think, and practice, how they can work better. We have been delighted to partner with IHE in forums that provide those leaders with a corporate background the opportunities to better connect their head and heart in who they are, and what they do. We have a shared philosophy about the value of engaging people with passion and skills to work with high quality non-profit organisations, knowing that this creates substantial two-way benefits.”

Michael Traill, Founding CEO Social Ventures Australia

"Emotional Intelligence is at the forefront of Niran's approach, realising the most important change journey comes from within - transformational improvements for the organisation inevitably follow.”

John Neish, GM Ryde Council

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