Institute of Human Excellence

Cultural Transformation Tools
Training for Consultants, Change Agents
and Human Resource Professionals

Part 2:
Building a Vision-Guided Values-Driven Organisation


To provide consultants, change agents and human resource professionals with the techniques to apply their knowledge of the CTT to implement cultural change using a whole systems approach to transformation.

In this three-day workshop you will learn how to implement cultural transformation using the Cultural Transformation models and tools. The workshop will provide you with methodologies and expertise in delivery of values assessments and next steps for your clients. This includes proficiency in understanding values plots, creation of vision and mission statements, executive and leadership coaching, and processes for values integration.

Pre-requirements to attend

To be eligible for the CTT Part 2, participants must have completed the CTT Part 1 and preferably have first-hand experience in using the Cultural Transformation Tools®.

Training Format

The Part 2 CTT program includes a three day workshop, and periodical post training support. Participants are involved in lectures, discussions and group activities.

Each training course is limited to a maximum of 10 people. It is designed for a small group to ensure depth and experiential learning tailored to each participants own needs.

You will learn

  • How to deepen your interpretation of the results of Cultural Values Assessments.
  • How to use the Cultural Values Assessments to develop Vision/Mission Statements using the “Four Why’s” process.
  • How to choose Organisational Values and prepare Behavior Statements.
  • How to develop a Core Business Statement.
  • How to develop Core Motivation Statements.
  • How to align Personal and Organizational Values.
  • How to provide feedback using the Leadership Values Assessment Instrument.

How you will benefit

  • Detailed understanding of how to build a vision-guided, values-based organisational culture.
  • State-of-the art techniques to apply in your own practice.
  • Price reductions on Individual Values Assessments and including being able to do a Small Group assessment (SGA) for 15 people or less for USD750.

Trainer and Facilitator – Niran Jiang

We take every effort to ensure that the information in this document is valid and up-to-date. However, no guarantee is made that prices, dates or any other information are accurate and we reserve the right to change them at any time. Please contact us should you wish to confirm any specific details.

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