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"Inspirational ... This course calls forth our deepest yearning – finding meaning in the expression of our higher purpose through our daily contribution. This experience underscored the importance of continuing to work on our own consciousness, transcending ego to be fully available to others in a coaching capacity. The possibilities this connectedness invokes in relationship, both personal and professional will be sustained over time.

I unreservedly recommend this course to those wishing to develop their leadership and coaching skills."

John Collingwood, Director, Global Organization Development, Medtronic International Trading


Transpersonal means beyond the personal. It works with our yearning, ingrained in the human psyche, for something beyond the personal, beyond the material and the everyday to the collective, the spiritual and the universal. It is a whole system approach to coaching and facilitation, which recognises the inter-connectedness of individuals, communities and organisations and actively engages our ability to work with and develop the systemic potential of these networks.

In recent years those working in the modern industrial world are waking up to the transpersonal within themselves through the emerging need to find meaning and purpose in their lives and to work in the service of something beyond profits and loss.

As a robust values-based model and coherent set of practical tools free of dogma, transpersonal coaching and facilitation is increasingly being seen as a powerful approach to re-engage personal responsibility and positive leadership in work and life.

This 2-day Transpersonal Coach and facilitator Training programme is designed for managers and leaders, independent consultants, coaches, facilitators and HR professionals – for those who work with individuals or groups.

It will introduce you to a study of the fundamental dimensions of human experience, the personal and the transpersonal, and its relevance to coaching and facilitation. It allows you to experience and learn how to use a range of valuable transpersonal tools and techniques. It will take your coaching and facilitation skills to the next level. It will enable you, your clients and the organisation to gain deeper and broader perspectives on the economic, environmental and social challenges we face today, and to achieve higher performance and authentic leadership.


  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the practical application of spiritual intelligence to one’s self and clients.

  • Receive an introduction to spiritual intelligence and a model of the transpersonal.

  • Evaluate and conceptualise the experience of self-regulation, self-awareness and self-motivation in professional practice.

  • Explore the two dimensions of growth as a diagnostic tool.

  • Initiate a study of the multiplicity of the personality and its effect on personal and professional performance.

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of a stable sense of identity and inner freedom – a sense of I.

  • Develop an understanding of the centrality of the Will and the importance of motivation, choice, personal responsibility and individual empowerment.

  • Understand and start working with the creative potential inherent within problems, challenges and crises and the concept of emerging purpose.

This programme introduces these and other skills to those who wish to develop their ability to coach and facilitate at the leading edge. In pairs, small groups and plenary discussion participants will work practically with a variety of transpersonal methods to expand their coaching and facilitation toolkit.


We each have our own truth, but this workshop is fundamental to good coaching practice, especially in its approach to the whole person and the whole system. Wonderful facilitators – wise, compassionate and responsible.

Sue Hanley, President, ICF Sydney

This course exceeded my expectations. It connected previous trainings in new ways and refreshed my sense of possibility for coaching. It was most valuable to have the combination of personal and professional tools and insights, and the highlight for me was the sense of growth coupled with client possibilities.

Joanna Maxwell, Director, Work in Colour

The imagery and the purpose exercises were the highlight of the programme, with very knowledgeable facilitators. I enjoyed the relaxed free flowing style. It was very informative and thought-provoking, fantastic to see coaching developing to this new level. Thank you!

Cathy Rolfe, Coach, Sydney

The subject matter was most valuable! It made me think – which is why I came. I suspect time to reflect will add to my learning. I will be continuing my journey into this human dimension.

Guy Sutton, Director, GSB

I am inspired by the transpersonal work others are doing in the corporate world. The facilitation style, the models and the stories are most valuable. Awesome, insightful fun and knowledgeable facilitation!

Helen Louca, Coach, Global Dimensions

Discussions and stories were the highlight. The doors were opened for further exploration.  Great facilitation and workshop, and I wish to have more days and longer for this training!

Ella Zhang, L&D Officer, Bank of China

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