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CTT Part I Testimonials

Part I Testimonials

  • “Niran is so calming and passionate. She was able to provide so much insight into the tools and allow each of us to explore the model in our own way.”
    - Melissa Thomson, CommInsure

  • “Practical sessions around data and plots were the highlights for me. This program was personally as well as professionally challenging, both in a positive way.”
    - Peter Hall, Westpac

  • “Niran was an excellent facilitator - very knowledgeable and able to explain theory using real life examples. Breadth of the experience Niran could bring into learning environment was amazing.”
    - Angela Gardiner, Medicare Australia

  • “Cutting-edge and fabulous training! The non-rush manner of presentation and the focus on understanding essence (not content) were most valuable.”
    - Deborah Kneebone, Action Ideas

  • “Facilitation was excellent and flow of information allowed us putting the pieces together.”
    - Cindy Blacker, Medicare Australia

  • “Most valuable for me was the application of the level of insights that can be developed by such a simple tool. Very impressed and Niran was exceptional.”
    - Steve Ramsey, Medicare Australia

  • “The highlight was that knowing that the data you were looking at was real cases, also just understanding the potential the tool has to assist in having the right discussion in values.”
    - Andrea Jones, Centrelink

  • “Experiencing the generosity of Niran’s facilitation style was the highlight of the program for me.”
    - Antoinette Braks, From Work to Play

  • “Niran’s gentle but consistent reinforcement of taking too much thinking and pre-judging out of the process and to work with the values that are present and desired was most valuable.”
    - Angela Murphy, Westpac

  • “I love the focus on heart learning in such a robust framework. Niran’s facilitation of the process and the excellent entry into the seven levels of consciousness was the highlight of the program.”
    - Jil Toovey
    , IKD

  • “Really insightful around values-based leadership and organisation. Great job Niran!”
    - Paul Lloyd, Coachingcraft

  • “Thanks Niran, you made the course practical, relevant and you really did listen!”
    - Stefania Vlandis, ING

  • “It was most valuable to understand not only the mechanics of the tool but the application and analysis of data – coaching around how to probe for answers and deliver the results to the clients. I feel I have been handed something of great value both to myself and my organisation.”
    - Anne Weinman, National Trust of Australia

  • “Being shown a simple, natural and yet far-reaching method which allows people to bring themselves 100% to whatever they do. The highlights were meeting and learning with and from the other participants and Niran’s outstanding facilitation. Excellent!!”
    - Sarah Mane, Sarah Mane Coaching

  • “The emphasis on coaching others through the assessments was most valuable. Great facilitator. Initiated discussions, ensured everyone contributed and did not let people off the hook.”
    - Shayne Ashby, CommInsure

  • “Being able to mold ‘behind' the data to get to the interpretation and the story to build the picture was most valuable. Niran is a skilled, supportive and intuitive facilitator. It was a pleasure to be coached by her”.
    - Lisa Jasienski, CommInsure

  • “The facilitation style and course nature was most valuable. Wealth of experience of facilitator, tailoring focus to suit my desired objectives.”
    - Ben Connolly, CommInsure

  • “Very impressive Niran, your insights re the tools, transformation and leadership was most valuable. You added a lot more richness to the material in your delivery.”
    - Carly Westwood, Westpac

  • “Very good program and development. The highlight of the program was Niran’s excellent facilitation – very inclusive, committed and genuine.”
    - Dimity Hodge, Westpac

  • “Niran gave great insights into the tools and their interpretation welcomed comments and positively built on shared contributions. It was a great refresher on who I am and a chance to revisit and reflect on that. Organisationally I gained a clear way forward with the leadership team process. Really enjoyed the two days, thank you!!”
    - Penny Coates, Westpac

  • “It was most valuable for me to experience CTT’s link with personal awareness and growth to positively influence others and organisations, and its connection with and alongside the intangible/intuitive. Great environment was created by Niran to challenge assumptions, this was the highlight for me.”
    - Kelly Penridge, Westpac

  • “I enjoyed all practical work on the CTT and various case studies. LVA looks like an excellent tool that managers will benefit from – simple, clear and actionable.”
    - Helen Bradley, Westpac

  • “Developing the ideas about how to use the tool and understanding the breadth of possibilities of using the tool were the highlights of the program. Niran’s knowledge and ability to read the group and facilitation skills are excellent.”
    - Christina Cameron, Quest Worldwide

  • “Very valuable programme, with explorations of a practical values-based tool. Practical examples were the highlight.”
    - John Page, SPARC (Sport & Recreation New Zealand)

  • “I enjoyed the two days very much – whole system is great. It was all valuable.”
    - Fae Robinson, Impact Solutions International

  • “Understanding the operation of the model at a practical level. Examples of plots and group interpretation were the highlights.
    - John Other-Gee, HR Plus

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed it, looking forward to implementing and part 2 down the track.
    - Kearin Armstrong, Tourism Queensland

  • “Niran combined rich depth with simple practicality, which enabled our group to harvest abundant learning. She demonstrated integrity and professionalism in her training and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.
    - Jack Yang, Sino-Manager Magazine

  • “I now feel confident that this is the right set of tools to do cultural development in my organisation.
    - Rod Gorrie, Catholic Healthcare

  • “Knowledgeable, encouraging and present facilitator. A great course – simply the positive energy of the group and the openness of everyone.
    - Lui Pangiarella, CSBP Limited

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