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CTT Part II Testimonials

Part II Testimonials

  • "Part II really made the values real for me. It was not just processes. I got more out of this than I thought. Wonderful and enlightening!"
    - Jennifer Kapp, The National Trust of Australia

  • "I developed a far better understanding of how to use the content, tool and process to help others. I did not realise how much I want to do this work! It was really brought to life by the quiet energy of Niran."
    - Nicole Elliott, Westpac

  • "I have been stretched to my intellectual capacity and loved every minute of it. Niran Jiang is a gifted and truly inspiring individual and facilitator."
    - Lisa Jasienski, CommInsure

  • "Committed, insightful and experienced facilitator. Opportunity to reflect and consider how the tools could integrate into our current consulting processes was the highlight."
    - Nigel Tanner, BTLi Pty Ltd

  • “The training has exceeded my expectations. Niran, you are inspirational in your facilitation. It has made a big difference for me.”
    - Jane Judd, Westpac

  • “Brilliant and engaging facilitator, who created a safe and challenging learning environment. Witnessing Niran’s amazing insights and coaching and how powerful this was in bringing change was the highlight.”  
    - Nicole Endacott, Activate, Australia

  • “Niran is a great trainer with a wonderful genuineness - very honouring of others, very knowledgeable of the CTT instruments and very willing to go with where the participants want to go.”
    - Lori Grech, QL Management Consultants

  • “Niran is a brilliant facilitator and helped to build incredible depth with the tools and also with the change process generally.”
    - Sandra Rouco
    , Westpac

  • “This training was most valuable with countless opportunities to move from knowing to doing (immediate application). Very effective overall process, I feel very capable and excited regarding CTT and its application.”
    - Ben Connolly, CommInsure

  • Everything was valuable! Excellent facilitator. It is a tool whose time has come...”
    Janet Sernack, Compass Learning

  • “CTT Part II provided me the opportunity to be skilled to lead and facilitate cultural transformation in our organisation. Four-why process and self reflection were the highlights of the programme.Thank you Niran for your ongoing empowerment.”
    - Heather Miles, Westpac

  • “It is a well thought out process with practical and yet simple tools. The program met all my needs and I look forward to implementing the tools and processes.”
    Brian Cook, The Pacific Institute

  • “Learning insights into design and implementation of post-assessment change initiatives was most valuable.Value themes and exploring cultural change program interventions were the highlight.”
    - Tim Biggs, CommInsure

  • “Philosophical discussion and practical information, Niran was excellent”
    Erik de Jong, Keystone de Jong Associates

  • “The four-why direction and how it links to values was the highlight of the program for me. Excellent training, thank you for your spirituality!”
    - Jane Sachs, Westpac

  • “I love Niran’s training style. Thank you – you provided unreal insights.”
    - Fae Robinson, Impact Solutions

  • “The highlight for me was the overall ability of facilitator to bring deeper level of awareness around model. Very flexible and intuitive, moved the agenda to suit learning needs and moods of all.”
    - Melissa Thomson, CommInsure

  • “The highlight of the CTT Part II program for me was watching the coaching sessions done by the facilitator, i.e. being able to observe to have a frame of reference. Very enjoyable.”
    - Daniella Rocco, Westpac

  • “I really enjoyed the workshops and feel energised (though a little nervous!) to continue to build the learning for me and within the organisation.”
    - Lynn Rasmussen, Westpac

  • “Although this is an intense process with extensive content, the excellent facilitation ensured excellent outcomes for me.”
    - Sue Lindsay, Take Action


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